CRICKET© RX5 Electric Sport Vehicle

Owner's Manual, Safety Guide

Thank you for the purchase of your new CRICKET RX5 Electric Sport Vehicle. This owner's manual is designed to furnish you with a basic understanding of the features and operation of this vehicle. Important safety information and information about special techniques and skills needed to operate and ride your CRICKET RX5 are included, as well as basic maintenance and inspection procedures, and warranty information.



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Cricket Carts Direct, LLC is an authorized dealer. Cricket Carts Direct, LLC, Cricket Carts, LLC., Melbourne Cricket and Rick's Specialty Vehicles reserves the express right to make design adjustments, improvements, or changes without obligation to make these changes on units previously sold, and the information contained in this publication is subject to change without notice. All entities listed are not responsible for inadvertent errors in this publication, or/or incidental and consequential damages that result from the use of the material in this publication.


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For your safety, and the safety of all passengers:

 · Please read this addendum and the original CRICKET RX5 owner’s manual carefully and completely before operating your CRICKET. Make sure you understand all instructions.

• Take special notice of all warning and caution notices herein.

· Operate your CRICKET vehicle only after proper training or instruction.

· No one under 16 years of age should ever operate a CRICKET electric sport vehicle.


NOTE: Whenever there is any doubt whatsoever about anything involved with the operation, maintenance, and safe operation of your CRICKET Electric Sport Vehicle, always call FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT at 321-752-4041 during normal business hours (EST).



CRICKET RX5 Product Specifications                                                                 2-3

General Information                                                                                             3-6

CRICKET Installation and Setup Instructions                                                     6-9

CRICKET RX5 Control Functions                                                                         9-10

CRICKET Operational Instructions, Maintenance, and Adjustments             10-12

Warranty Information                                                                                          13-14



CRICKET RX5 Product Specifications


· MODEL: Double-seat CRICKET RX5 Electric Sport vehicle - Four-wheel, electric powered.

·  POWER: Single magnet DC 1,000-watt motor

· Transmission: Direct drive through 16:1 reduction gearbox

· SPEED CONTROL: Standard accelerator pedal on left side of floorboard Directional Control: Forward/Reverse switch conveniently located on main control

· MAXIMUM SPEED: Controlled from 0 to 12 mph in consideration of congested areas and terrain


· BATTERY CHARGING: Permanent on-board charging unit underneath front seat Frame: MIG-welded high-tensile steel with corrosion protection

· BODY: Molded in polymer-reinforced plastic

· BRAKES: Single regenerative electromagnetic braking

· BATTERIES: 3 heavy-duty glass-mat U1, 12-volt 35-amp\hour in series (36-volt system) Battery charger: 10-amp, automatic cut-off when fully charged

· TIRES: 13" x 6.50 x 6" Tubeless - Recommended air pressure at 12-15 psi Turning Radius: 102"

· OVERALL LENGTH: With Rear Passenger Step Plate Installed: 78"

· ADJUSTED OVERALL LENGTH: For Storage and Transport: 58" (with floorboard extension removed)

· Overall Width: 32" (including utility box)

· Overall Height: 30" (with seat back removed, steering wheel folded down, and rear passenger safety bar removed)

· Load Capacity: 600 Ibs.

· Vehicle Curb Weight: Approximately 380 Ibs.

                NOTE: Curb Weight is the weight without occupants or baggage


NOTICE: CRICKET RX5 specifications, safety, and performance features are subject to change as we continue to improve the vehicle. 


General Information


This guide is provided to assist the owner or operator of this CRICKET RX5 in the safe operation and maintenance of the vehicle.



General Safety Information

This guide is provided to assist the owner or operator of this Rick's Specialty Vehicles product in the maintenance and safe operation of the vehicle. The warnings in this manual are not a replacement for good common sense and safe driving practices. Your Cricket RX5 is designed and manufactured for off-road use. It does not conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and is not equipped for operation on public streets. Operators of the Cricket RX5 should have a valid motor vehicle driver's license. No one under 16 years of age should be allowed to operate a Cricket RX5.

Operating Safety

1. Always use your CRICKET in a responsible manner and maintain the vehicle in safe operating condition.

2. Always read and observe all warnings and operation instruction labels affixed to the CRICKET vehicle.

3. Always follow all safety rules established in the area where you are operating the CRICKET vehicle.

4. Always use extreme caution when making sharp or blind turns.

5. Always release throttle gradually (rotate forward, away from yourself) to control speed and stability on steep grades.

6. Do not tow the CRICKET vehicle.

7. Always use extreme caution when traveling:

     a. In wet areas

     b. In blind spots

     c. Along loose terrain

     d. On uneven roads

     e. In traffic with other vehicles

     f. Near pedestrian areas.


The following notations indicate important information. Failure to follow the warnings contained in this owner's manual could result in serious injury or death.

Conditions should be observed. This provides key information that makes procedures easier and clearer.





WARNING Steep Grade: In areas where steep grades exist, vehicle operations should be restricted to the designated vehicle pathways wherever and whenever possible. Such potential hazards should be identified with a suitable warning giving the following information: "Warning: STEEP GRADE - Ascend or descend slowly and proceed with due caution.”

WARNING Wet Areas: Wet grassy areas may cause a vehicle to lose traction and may affect stability. Wet areas should be chained or roped off to prevent access and potential accidents with injury.

WARNING Sharp Turns, Blind Corners, Bridge Approaches: Sharp turns, blind spots, bridge approaches and other potentially hazardous areas shall be either chained or roped off to prevent vehicle operations or identified with a suitable warning to the operator of the nature of the hazard and stating the proper precautions to be taken to avoid the hazard.

WARNING Loose Terrain: Loose terrain may cause a vehicle to lose traction and may affect stability. Areas of loose terrain should be repaired if possible, or chained or roped off to prevent vehicle operation, or identified by a suitable warning to operators not to operate vehicles in this area due to loose terrain or possible hazardous conditions.

WARNING Pedestrian Areas: Areas where pedestrians and vehicles interfere shall be avoided whenever possible by rerouting the vehicle traffic or the pedestrian traffic to eliminate the interference. If elimination of the interference is not possible or is highly impractical, signs should be erected warning pedestrian traffic and to drive slowly and use extreme caution.

CAUTION Ventilation: Never charge a vehicle in an area that is subject to flame or spark. Pay particular attention to natural gas or propane gas water heaters and furnaces.


On steep hills it is possible for vehicles to coast at greater than normal speeds encountered on a flat surface. To prevent loss of vehicle control and possible serious injury, speeds should be limited to no more than the maximum speed on level ground. Limit speed by reducing or eliminating pressure on the accelerator pedal, which engages the automatic brake function.

Catastrophic damage to the drive train components due to excessive speed may result from driving the vehicle above specified speed. Damage caused by excessive speed may cause a loss of vehicle control and is costly. This is considered abuse and will not be covered under warranty.

If the vehicle is to be used in a commercial environment, signs should be used to warn of situations that could result in an unsafe coasting condition.

Keep this manual as part of the permanent service record in case the vehicle should be resold.

Your CRICKET vehicle is intended for off-road use only. The owner should check local and other applicable laws and regulations before operating.

WARNING SEVERE INJURY OR DEATH can result if you do not follow these instructions:

· Read this entire manual carefully and follow the operating procedures described.

· Operate a CR1CKET RX5 only if you have had proper training or instruction.

· Follow these age recommendations:

· No one under 16 years of age should operate a CRICKET vehicle or be left without adult supervision.

· Be wary of the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

· Do not operate a CRICKET vehicle on a highway.

· Do not consume alcohol or drugs before, or while operating, this machine.

· Never operate at speeds too fast for your skills or the outdoor conditions. Always operate at a speed that is suitable for the terrain, visibility and operating conditions, and your experience.

· Never attempt wheelies, jumps, or other stunts.

· Inspect your vehicle every time it is used to make sure it is in safe operating condition. Follow the inspection and maintenance procedures and schedules described in this manual.

· Always keep both hands on the steering wheel during operation.

· Always drive at slower speeds and be cautious when operating on unfamiliar terrain. Be alert to changing terrain conditions at all times when operating a CRICKET vehicle.

· Do not operate your vehicle on excessively rough, slippery or loose terrain until you have learned and practiced the skills necessary to control the vehicle on such terrain. Be especially cautious of these kinds of terrain.

· Always follow proper procedures for turning as described in this manual. Practice turning at low speeds before attempting to tum at faster speeds. Do not tum at excessive speed.

· Do not operate the vehicle on hills too steep for the vehicle or for your ability. Practice on smaller hills before attempting larger ones.

· Always follow safe procedures for climbing hills. Check the terrain carefully before you start up any hill. Never climb hills with excessively slippery or loose surfaces. Shift your weight forward. Never press down on the accelerator suddenly. Never go over the top of a hill at high speed.

· Always follow safe procedures for going down hills and for braking on hills. Check the terrain carefully before you start down any hill. Shift your weight backward. Never go down a hill at high speed. Avoid going down a hill at an angle that could cause the vehicle to lean sharply to one side. Go straight down the hill wherever possible.

· Always follow proper procedures for crossing the side of a hill as described in this manual. Avoid hills with excessively slippery or loose surfaces. Shift your weight to the uphill side of the vehicle. Never attempt to turn the vehicle around on any hill until you have mastered the turning technique on level ground. Avoid crossing the side of a steep hill if possible.

· Use proper procedures if you stall or roll backwards when climbing a hill. To avoid stalling, use proper gear and maintain a steady speed when climbing a hill. If you stall or roll backwards, follow the special procedure for braking. Dismount on the uphill side or to a side if pointed straight uphill. Turn the vehicle around and remount.

· Always check for obstacles before operating in a new area.

· Never attempt to operate over large obstacles, such as large rocks or fallen trees.

· Be careful when skidding or sliding. Learn to safely control skidding or sliding by practicing at low speeds and on level, smooth terrain. On extremely slippery surfaces, such as ice, go slowly and be very cautious in order to reduce the chance of skidding or sliding out of control.

· Never operate a CRICKET in fast-flowing water or excessively deep waters. Contact with water may affect the batteries and may reduce stopping ability. Test your stopping ability after leaving water by removing pressure from accelerator pedal rapidly several times in a row.

· Always use the size and type tires specified in this manual.

· Always maintain proper tire pressure as described in this manual. (8-15 PSI)

· Never modify a CR1CKET vehicle through improper installation or use of accessories.

· Never exceed the stated load capacity for a vehicle, Cargo should be properly distributed and securely attached. Reduce speed and follow sound procedures for carrying cargo or pulling a trailer. Allow greater distance for braking.


CRICKET Installation and Setup Instructions

Once you have safely and completely removed your vehicle from its shipping crate, you are ready to perform the basic installation and set-up procedures prior to the initial operation of your new CRICKET RX5.

*You may dispose of the protective barrier.


1. Unpack the CRICKET Vehicle

1.1. Remove all packing material including the rear step plate and the front seat from the CRIKCET. Set these items aside until needed.

2. Install the Steering Shaft

2.1. Make sure the steering wheel in the correct orientation for driving straight and the front wheels are pointing straight. Line up the square pin (Fig. 2.1.1) on the lower shaft with the upper shaft and slide the two shafts together. Then tighten the large nut on the upper shaft until tight. (Fig. 2.1.2)

2.2. Connect the wiring harness to the open connector located inside the front dash on the drivers’ side of the dash. (Fig. 2.2.1)

2.3. Install wiring harness clips on the steering shaft. (Fig 2.2.2)

3. Install the Floorboard Extension

3.1. Use your hand to pull up on the spring-loaded T-Lever in the center of the permanent floorboard. Turn the lever clockwise until it locks open. (Fig. 3.1.1)

3.2. Gently pull or push the vehicle chassis front end forward until it stops. Then lift and turn the T-Lever counterclockwise and lock the chassis into position. You might need to slightly adjust the two chassis once the T-Lever is lowered for it to “click” into lock. Check that the lever is locked. (Fig 3.2.1)

3.3. Remove the floorboard knobs from both sides of the chassis, located just under the front seat on the frame.

3.4. Slide the floorboard extension into position by angling it in toward the front of the CRICKET. Check that the Key is in the “OFF” position and you may need to depress the throttle pedal slightly to get the floorboard to clear.

3.5. Slide the floorboard extension underneath the stainless-steel flash plate of the permanent floorboard assembly.

3.6. Make sure both sides of the floorboard extension are lined up and securely fitted underneath the front stainless-steel flash plate and into the black plastic tabs on the front body.

3.7. Install but do not tighten one of the floorboard knobs located on the chassis under the front seat, then install the second knob. You may need to slightly move the floorboard in order to line up with the threaded holes for the knobs. Once both knobs are installed tighten them down to secure the floorboard in place.

4. Install Front Seat Back Rest

4.1. Gently guide both seat back support arms into the metal slots located behind the front seat. Install the small knobs into the threaded inserts on the rear of the metal slots to secure the seat back.

5. Install Rear Passenger Step Plate

5.1. Loosen both locking nuts located below the back seat and rear carrier rack. (Fig. 5.1.1)

5.2. Insert both step plate bars into the rear chassis frame tubing and gently guide both bars into the tubes. Check that the step plate bars are all the way in and that the knobs are tightened securely. (Fig 5.2.1 and 5.2.2)



CRICKET RX5 - Control Functions




Key Switch Functions:

ON: One click of key clockwise activates power and makes engine ready for operation. One more click clockwise turns on the headlight and taillights.

OFF: With the key in the OFF position, all electrical circuits are switched off. The key may now be removed.

Charge Meter: CHARGE: "I" signifies full charge. "0" signifies no charge.

Directional Toggle Switch: Up (F) for forward - Down (R) for reverse.

Rheostat Speed Control: Use this knob to adjust the maximum speed of the cart. Turn clockwise for full speed and turn counterclockwise to limit the maximum speed.

Entering the Vehicle: All passengers (including driver) must always be seated while the CRICKET vehicle is in use.

Turning the Vehicle On Switch the key switch to the “On” Position and select the desired direction (Forward or Reverse).

Driving the Vehicle After making the desired directional selection, depress the floorboard-mounted accelerator pedal with your right foot to engage the vehicle's power train. Always be aware of surrounding terrain and use caution. Judge speed accordingly. Be cautious when encountering loose or wet terrain. Do not attempt steep grades.


Stopping the Vehicle Slow down by gradually lifting your right foot off of the accelerator pedal. Once you reach zero forward speed, the automatic electronic braking system turns your CRICKET off.


Turning the Vehicle Off After taking your right foot completely from the accelerator pedal and automatically stopping the vehicle, switch the key to the Off position.


Exiting the Vehicle Once the vehicle has come to a complete stop, and the key switch is turned to the Off position, all passengers may carefully exit the vehicle. Never attempt to exit the vehicle while it is still moving. This could lead to severe injury.


Storing the Vehicle Store your CRICKET vehicle with the key switch in the Off position. Do not store vehicle for more than one day with the battery charger hooked up.


Riding the Vehicle RIDE WITH CARE AND GOOD JUDGMENT. Get Training If YOU Are Inexperienced. This CRICKET vehicle should only be used by experienced operators. This vehicle requires special skills obtained through practice. Take your time to fully learn techniques before attempting more difficult maneuvers. You should familiarize yourself with the operation of the vehicle to achieve the skill necessary to enjoy riding safely.




Pay particular attention to the safety information. Beginners should get training from a certified instructor. Become familiar with this vehicle at slow speeds first, even if you are an experienced operator. Do not attempt to operate at maximum performance until you RX5 Dash Panel are totally familiar with the vehicle's handling and performance characteristics.


WARNING Passenger and Driver Safety ~ During Operation


Always keep your feet inside the vehicle during operation. Otherwise, your feet may contact the rear wheels. Removing even one hand or foot can reduce your ability to control the vehicle or could cause you to lose your balance and fall out of the vehicle. If you remove a foot from inside the vehicle, your foot or leg may come into contact with the rear wheels or objects outside the vehicle.




CRICKET Operational Instructions, Maintenance, and Adjustments


Tires and Tire Air Pressure

Operating this vehicle with improper tires, or with improper or uneven tire pressure, may cause loss of control, thereby increasing your risk of an accident. Always use the size and type tires specified in this manual for this vehicle. Always maintain proper tire pressure as described in this manual (8-15 PSI), adjusting periodically for conditions, load, and terrain.


Check tire pressure and adjust accordingly by removing custom full wheel cover from each wheel and removing cap from valve stem, just as with any automobile using pneumatic tires. Always replace valve stem cap and wheel cover after each tire pressure check operation.

Charging the Batteries

1. Simply raise the hinged front seat with the convenient lift strap for easy access to the new on-board permanent charging system.

2. Insert the plug (it will fit only in one direction) attached to the battery-charging unit into any convenient 110-volt electrical outlet. (Also works with Coach and other portable generators.)

3. Charge light turns GREEN when CRICKET is fully charged, and the unit cuts off automatically. Just unplug the cord, replace it in the under-seat compartment, and return the seat to its secure driving position.

Adjusting the Free-Wheel Lever

1. The free-wheel lever is conveniently located just underneath the left rear of your RX5.

2. Pull the free-wheel lever toward rear of vehicle "out-of-gear" condition for free-wheeling operation; when you hear the "click", you've engaged the free-wheeling function. (This makes pushing, rolling, and/or loading the vehicle much easier.)

3. Remember to push the free-wheel lever back in, toward the front of the vehicle, prior to normal operation. (Listen for another "click" to indicate you have returned to regular driving configuration.) RX5 36v Charger


Replacing your CRICKET RX5 Batteries


NOTE: Batteries are hermetically sealed and require NO MAINTENANCE for the life of the battery. No acid. No acid odor. No leakage


1. To remove battery cover, unhinge two latches at front of engine compartment (beneath the front portion of the seat) and slowly, carefully slide the cover forward to reveal both batteries.

2. Use 13mm wrench or pliers to turn bolts counterclockwise to loosen and remove batteries with built-in, convenient rope handles. Use Caution not to “short” batteries with the wrench when disconnecting or connecting the battery terminal leads.

3. Install new batteries by reversing procedure in step "b", above. (Replace and secure cover.)

Operating the Convertible Rear Passenger Seat:  To convert your rear seat into the rear cargo carrier for a non-passenger load-carrying capacity, simply grab the rear frame of the rear passenger seat and flip it toward the rear and down.

Adjusting Chassis Rigidity for Heavy Loads or Rough Terrain Your fully assembled RX5 is delivered with the chassis secured in a safe, yet somewhat flexible chassis configuration--basically perfect for normal, everyday operating conditions.


If you should need to haul a heavier payload (up to 600 pounds maximum) or drive your RX5 over moderately rough terrain, you may elect to tighten the two under-chassis frame bolts (shown here, to your right) to provide a more rigid, firmer ride.

1. Use a 17mm wrench (or an adjustable wrench) to turn nuts on both bolts clockwise until they fit snugly---but not too tightly.

2. To return chassis rigidity to normal operating configuration, simply turn the nuts on both bolts counterclockwise until both return to their original position on the bolt.


NOTE: Whenever there is any doubt whatsoever about anything involved with the operation, maintenance, and safe operation of your CRICKET RX5, always call FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT at (321) 306-6007.