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Are Cricket Golf Carts Street Legal?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

At Cricket Carts Direct, we're proud to provide clients with a wide wealth of information about any of our golf carts for sale as they're considering their options. We're regularly asked a number of questions about our golf carts and similar products, and a common topic is this: Are golf carts like ours "street legal?"

The answer: It depends on several factors, from the state you're in to the specific qualities of the cart you're driving. Here's a basic primer on how various states may define golf carts, whether it's legal to operate them on public roads, and what some of the typical requirements are in places that do allow such public operation.

golf carts street legal

How States Define Golf Carts

As we noted above, golf cart rules will vary state by state -- and so will the way these vehicles are defined. However, many of the standard qualities that define golf carts in most states include:

  • Carrying golf equipment and operated on golf courses for primarily recreational purposes

  • Carrying no more than two people

  • At least three ground-bound wheels, plus a maximum empty weight of about 1,300 pounds (this number can vary)

  • Maximum operational speed of no more than 20 miles per hour (this number can vary)

Some states are far less specific than this, simply considering golf carts to be standard motor vehicles.

Public Golf Cart Operations

Generally speaking, states are broken down into two categories for the public use of golf carts on streets:

  • No public operations: Many states simply do not allow golf carts to be operated on public streets in any way. Relatedly, such states typically do not require any kind of registration or insurance coverage for the golf cart, seeing that it will only be used for recreational purposes.

  • Public operations allowed: On the flip side, many states do allow golf carts on public streets. As a result, owners of these vehicles will typically be required to register their golf cart and insure it in the same way as any other motor vehicle.

In states that allow for public golf cart operations, there will generally be major restrictions on these -- speed limits (usually under 45 mph), hours of operation (usually daylight only), age limits, and requirements of valid driver's licenses, to name a few.


The state of Florida, as an example, allows golf carts to be driven on public roads -- but with many of the restrictions we went over above. Golf carts must not exceed speeds of 20 mph, and anyone driving them must be at least 14 years old. However, at least in this state, golf carts do not need to be titled, registered or insured.

Furthermore, golf carts can only be driven on roads with posted speed limits of 30 mph or below. Finally, golf carts have to have a variety of required safety features and equipment.

Always check your local authority on laws, requirements and rules specific to your area.

For more on whether golf carts are street legal depending on your location and elements of the vehicle itself, or to learn about any of our golf cart and mini golf cart options, speak to the team at Cricket Carts Direct today.

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Golf Carts
Golf Carts
27 ביולי 2023

In most places, cricket golf carts are not considered street legal as they are primarily designed for use on golf courses and private property. Street legal golf carts typically need specific modifications and safety features to meet the requirements set by local laws and regulations. Always check your local laws before using a golf cart on public roads. Safety first!

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