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Extended Golf Cart Warranties: Additional Factors

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the basics on extended golf cart warranties, including how they may differ from standard warranties and how to understand the important details of what they cover. Like many other high-value items, an extended warranty might be ideal for your golf cart purchase - but knowing exactly what you're paying for here is vital. 

At Cricket Carts Direct, our huge selection of electric golf carts and golf cart accessories includes a wide range of options, one of which is multiple different extended warranty options depending on your needs. While part one of our series went over some of the general basics on understanding extended warranty coverage, today's part two will dig a bit further into some specifics you should be cognizant of while considering any such warranty.

used golf cart part risks

Coverage Duration

One of the most important details to be aware of for any extended golf cart warranty is the duration - how long will it last, and when does it begin? Many dealerships or manufacturers offer multiple lengths of coverage (usually in years), so be sure what you're getting. 

Additionally, know when coverage begins - sometimes it's from the date of purchase, but other times it may not kick in until standard warranty coverage has expired. This is a key detail to ensure you understand fully before making any purchase.

Coverage Limitations

Another vital area to be clear on for extended golf cart warranties is what exactly the warranty covers - and perhaps more importantly, what it doesn't cover. While they may provide extra protection in certain areas, there are still usually limitations or exclusions within the warranty that you should be aware of.

For instance, some warranties may not cover normal wear and tear or damage from accidents, while others may have limits on certain parts or repairs. Make sure you read all documentation carefully to understand what is and isn't covered under your specific extended warranty.

Additional Costs

While an extended golf cart warranty will provide extra protection for your purchase, it's important to note that this protection does come at a cost. Make sure you understand the price of the warranty and any additional fees associated with it before making a decision.

Also, consider whether the coverage offered is worth the added expense - if your golf cart is relatively low-cost or you don't plan on using it heavily, an extended warranty may not be necessary.


Finally, another detail to consider for extended golf cart warranties is whether they are transferable. This means if you sell your golf cart before the warranty expires, can the new owner take advantage of any remaining coverage? Some warranties may allow this, but others may not. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions regarding transferability before making a purchase.

At Cricket Carts Direct, we want our customers to have all the necessary information to make informed decisions about their golf cart purchase and any extended warranty options. Be sure to ask us any questions you may have before making a decision, and remember to carefully read all documentation for your chosen warranty. Contact us today to learn about any of our electric golf cart products, accessories or warranties!

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