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Golf Cart Accessories: Mirrors, Tires, Rims, Windshield

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

In part one of this multi-part blog series, we looked at some of the most popular accessories or features you might be considering for your golf cart. From cover items to steering wheels, coolers and numerous other possible choices, you have a wide selection of both practical and aesthetic-based golf cart accessories. 

At Cricket Carts Direct, we're proud to offer not only a huge range of electric mini golf carts and other golf cart options, but also a diverse array of accessories for any of our vehicles. Continuing our series, what are some other top options you might be thinking about here? Let's go over a few.

customized electric golf cart

Mirror Options

Mirrors are important for both safety and convenience. You'll want to make sure you can see what's behind your golf cart as well as around it before backing up or pulling out of the garage driveway.

There are a variety of both side and rear mirrors that can be purchased in a range of styles to suit your desires. If you're even more bold, you can go wild and add a window or monitor that offers a complete view around the cart.

Tires and Rims

Among our wide range of golf cart accessories, we also offer several upgrades or customization options for tires and rims. Our 15" tire upgrades, for instance, are designed to fit any standard 15" wheel, making it easy to upgrade your cart's style.

We also offer colored tire rims in colors like red and blue, allowing you to personalize your golf cart to your liking.

Loading Remote Control

For those who need a bit of extra help getting items in and out of their golf carts, a loading remote control is a fantastic idea. This option allows you to use a handheld device from outside the vehicle to open and close the lift gate or back-up light or horn on your golf cart. Generally attached with magnets, all you need to do is stand next to the cart, press the button and you're done.

Battery-Powered Sound Bar

And if you're looking to enjoy some music or news while you're out and about on the golf course or in the park, a battery-powered sound bar is an excellent addition to your golf cart. We offer several different models of these high quality bars that will allow you to enjoy your tunes and/or news without worrying about electrical outlets and cords.

Golf Cart Windshield

One of the most popular accessories for some golf cart owners is a windshield. These screens are designed to give you an open-air option for riding, while providing you with the type of protection you'd need against debris. Whether there's inclement weather on the horizon or you're just looking for some extra protection, this is definitely an accessory that can be beneficial in many different ways!

For more on the various accessories you might be considering for your golf cart, or to learn about any of our golf carts or mini golf carts, speak to the pros at Cricket Carts Direct today.

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