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Fully Collapsable - Ultra Portable - Super Lightweight
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Collapsible - Portable - Lightweight
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Have you ever imagined the ways a small golf cart could make your life easier? And more fun? Make life all around a little more adventurous in a Cricket portable mini golf cart.
A Cricket gives you freedom to explore and move around conveniently. 
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Mini Golf Carts for Sale

At Cricket Carts Direct, we have three models of portable golf carts and one full-sized golf cart to meet the needs of our customers. They range from the smallest, most economical two-seater and four-seater to the largest, toughest full-sized golf cart, complete with roof, mirrors and a full suspension system.

Dozens of Uses

Our helpful sales staff can assist you in determining which of our battery-powered golf carts best meets your needs. You may be looking at electric golf carts for sale to outfit your security staff at a local arena or event venue. Or you may want a small golf cart to tote gear on hunting and camping trips. You may be looking for a workhorse for your farm or ranch to transport hay, wood, tools, and supplies.

Hauling Capability

Our miniature Cricket golf carts can carry up to 600 pounds and travel up to 13 mph. Our top-of-the-line RoadRunner electric full-size golf cart can carry up to 875 pounds and travel up to 25 mph.

Smooth Ride

Cricket carts provide a smooth ride, which is important to those who will be riding on rough terrain. If you’re just looking for a mini golf cart to get around the campground, tool around your neighborhood, tailgating or outdoor concert, a Cricket delivers a comfortable and convenient ride. Maybe you want to transport your gardening supplies when you’re working on your flower beds, a smaller model, compact golf cart would be perfect.

Easy Storage

These folding golf carts are easy to store too — pop them into a shed or garage, or just slip a storage cover over them to protect them from the elements.

Goes Where You Go

The Cricket’s small footprint and lightweight design lets you take it with you wherever you go. A Cricket min golf cart fits in the storage bin of an RV or Fifth Wheel or in the back of a SUV as small as a Honda CR-V. If you need ramps or a hauler, check out Cricket Carts Direct accessory page for options and prices.

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Found Your Match? Make It Yours!

To find out more or to purchase your Cricket electric mini golf cart today, contact your Cricket Cart Direct dealer.

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Great for RVs, campgrounds, horse events, neighborhoods, sport events, farms, marinas, airports — wherever you go.