Cricket Cart Accessories

Ready to take your Cricket Cart to the next level?

Explore available accessories below.


The Resort Top Kit is available for SX-3 & RX5 models. 

Includes Wind Shield

Black or White Option


Resort Top

The Bimini Top Kit is available for ESV, SX-3 & RX5 models.


Easy removal for

storage and travel. 

Black or White Option

Bimini Top


Inclement weather is no match for your Cricket Cart when fitted with the rain/wind enclosure.

Fits Resort Top


Rain/Wind Enclosure

Protect your Cricket Cart short- and long term with the full

storage cover.


Full Storage Cover


Twin loading tracks make loading your Cricket Cart onto the rear of RVs and into pickups and trailers a breeze.

Add Pin Lock: +$30.00


5 Star Hauler Rack

Made for telescoping for different lengths, with anti-slip tape on the loading surface

for traction.

4'5" - 7'9" length, 8.5" width


5 Star Ramp

5 star ramp


Cupholder (ESV)


Rear Seat Kit (ESV)


Mirror (Side or Rear)


Two-Tone Seat/Top Package


Colored Steering Wheel  (Red or Blue)

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