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Cricket RX5 4-Seater Mini Golf Cart

The Cricket RX5 Delivers a Smoother Ride

The Cricket RX5 packs a lot of punch into a compact golf cart. Its small size belies its power and convenience, and a full suspension system provides the smooth ride you’ve always wanted in an electric golf cart.

Cricket RX5 Electric Golf Carts

When you’re looking at electric golf carts for sale, you want function, convenience and reliability, and the Cricket RX5 delivers on all three. At 58 inches long when collapsed for transport and 32 inches wide, this electric golf cart can seat four but still fit into tight spaces.

As a folding golf cart, it telescopes down to 30 inches high, making it easy to store in a shed, garage or even under a deck or porch. To fully protect your miniature golf cart, purchase one of our golf cart covers from our accessories page. Your electric golf cart will be protected from the elements, and it will stay cleaner as well.

You’ll want to take your Cricket mini golf cart with you everywhere you go, and that’s why we make and sell racks and ramps to easily load and transport your electric golf cart.

Power + Cushy Comfort

You’ll be surprised at how powerful Cricket mini golf carts are, especially considering their petite size. The Cricket RX5 has three heavy-duty, 12-volt batteries that charge fully in six to eight hours. On a full charge, your mini golf cart can travel up to 30 miles.

Whether you want a golf cart for fun, convenience or to assist with mobility challenges, the Cricket RX5 is a great choice because of the added suspension function and shock absorbers. Ordinary golf carts provide a predictably smooth ride out on the links, but what if you’re driving through fields, pastures, or over rugged terrain?

A rough ride can be uncomfortable, and for people dealing with medical conditions, a few bumps here and there can be a real pain. The Cricket RX5 golf cart provides a smoother ride.

Uses for Cricket RX5 Golf Carts
  • Work: Whether you operate a factory, lumberyard, ranch, or farm, if you’re a landscaper, a developer or you make movies on sets or locations, an electric golf cart can make getting around faster and easier.

  • Sports: Mini golf carts can be indispensable at sporting events such as horse shows, sports tournaments, road races and rodeos. If you’re tailgating with family and friends or at a multi-day tournament at a large complex, a Cricket makes the day easier and more enjoyable.

  • Fun: You may not need a miniature golf cart to get around your condo complex, cul-de-sac, or the campground where you keep your RV all summer, but they’re convenient and fun to drive.

You can carry up to 600 pounds on your Cricket mini golf cart, whether it’s people, supplies, tools, animals, or anything else. Add an optional roof and rain enclosure and make your mini golf cart an all-weather vehicle.

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RX-5 Grn-GrnBlk seats.jpg
RX-5 Black _ Blk Seats and Resort Top.jpg
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RX5 Black -Blk Seats Collage.JPG
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RX5 Candy Apple Red - Two Tone Seats Collage.JPG
RX5 White - Blk Seats Collage.JPG
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Have Questions About Our Mini Golf Carts for Sale?

Talk to us at Cricket Carts Direct, your Cricket golf cart dealer. Ready to buy? Order online today.

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