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Cricket ESV Electric Golf Cart

When you’re looking for reliable, affordable, easy transportation off-road, a Cricket ESV golf cart is what you want. Cricket electric golf carts are perfect for so many uses — you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one!
Compact Golf Carts for Sale

The Cricket ESV is a small but mighty mini golf cart, built for efficiency and convenience. At 50 inches long and 32 inches wide, this small golf cart fits into tight spaces. Our folding golf carts are also simple to store — the Cricket ESV is 28 inches tall when folded down. That means it’s easy to fit in a garden shed, garage or even under a porch or deck.

If you lack a storage area, you can leave your Cricket mini golf cart outside — just drape it with our full storage cover to protect it from inclement weather.

The Cricket golf cart’s compact size means you can load it onto your truck or RV and take it with you camping or to work. For easier loading and carrying, get our 5-star hauler rack or ramp.

Carry People + Loads

The Cricket ESV mini golf cart is a compact two-seater that comes with a metal basket attachment in the back to haul items such as tools, supplies, equipment and more. With a 600-pound load capacity, this miniature golf cart allows you to treat it like the workhorse that it is.

Uses for ESV Cricket Mini Golf Cart
  • Camping: Whether you have an RV or prefer another type of camper, adding a Cricket mini golf cart to your stash of camping gear will make every trip more fun — and easier. Transport firewood to your campsite, load up your fishing or hunting gear and motor out to the lake or woods, or simply ride your electric golf cart to the camp store to get charcoal, ice or other supplies.

  • Working: Cricket compact golf carts are handy on farms, ranches, and construction sites, and can be invaluable for landscapers or arena managers. A miniature golf cart can ferry injured participants in sporting events or rodeos, transport equipment and feed, and perform dozens of other tasks that would take so much longer any other way.

  • Transportation: As someone with minor mobility issues, you may not need a scooter to get around, but electric carts for adults can be so handy if you have a large property or workplace that makes it challenging for you to get around.

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Found Your Match? Make It Yours!

Powered by a single 24-volt magnet DC 800-watt motor, this small golf cart can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge. Charging is fast and easy — it takes six to eight hours to fully charge your mini golf cart. Once up and running, these miniature golf carts travel at a speed of 10 to 13 mph — fast enough to get you there quickly, but not so fast as to endanger children or animals.

Great for RVs, campgrounds, horse events, neighborhoods, sport events, farms, marinas, airports — wherever you go.
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