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Cricket SX3 4 Seater Electric Golf Cart

Get There Fast with a Cricket SX3 Golf Cart

The most efficient — and fun! — way to get from here to there is with a Cricket mini golf cart. The Cricket SX3 is indispensable at home or at work, providing not only reliable transportation, but hauling capacity as well. The Cricket SX3 compact golf cart is one of Cricket Carts Direct’s best sellers.

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SX3 Mini Golf Carts for Sale

At 32 inches wide and 58 inches long when fully collapsed for transport, the SX3 electric golf cart delivers a little more on room than the ESV, making it perfect for those who need more seating. The two benches allow you to bring up to four passengers along for the ride. The weight limit for these electric golf carts is 600 pounds, so you can carry people and/or supplies, equipment, tools, etc.

Because these are mini golf carts, they’re known for being easy to store. The SX3 is a small golf cart that folds down to 28 inches high, making it a cinch to slip into a garden shed, garage or even under a porch or deck. For extra protection for your folding golf cart, order a full storage cover on our accessories page. Your mini golf cart will stay clean and dry indefinitely.

Cricket carts’ small size also makes the SX3 mini golf cart easy to transport either by truck or trailer. Check out our racks and ramps for options for loading and moving your compact golf cart.

More Power to You (and Your Golf Cart)

All Cricket golf carts are battery-powered, and the SX3 has three heavy-duty batteries where the ESV electric golf carts has only two. The extra battery, coupled with the more powerful drive system, means you can rely on this golf cart to transport family, friends, workers, competitors or whomever you are tasked with ferrying around — without worry. These workhorses can log up to 30 miles before needing a recharge.

Charging these battery-powered golf carts takes six to eight hours, then you can put these babies right back into service. Even with passengers, Cricket mini golf carts travel 10-13 mph — fast enough to get you to your destination quickly, but not so fast that safety or danger become factors.

Uses for Cricket Electric Golf Carts
  • Work: Need to transport a calf or some bales of hay? How about a lawn mower or some gardening implements? When you work outdoors, a miniature golf cart is a handy way to easily transport the heavy items you need to get your job done.

  • Play: Cricket golf carts are perfect at horse shows, sporting tournaments, tailgating, road races or for fetching injured bicyclists on the trail.

  • Recreation: Bring your Cricket folding golf cart with you camping or on hunting trips or to get around the neighborhood. Electric carts for adults aren’t just handy, they also can serve an important purpose for those who may struggle with minor mobility issues.

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Found Your Match? Make It Yours!

To learn more about Cricket golf carts, contact us at Cricket Carts Direct, or order yours online today.

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Great for RVs, campgrounds, horse events, neighborhoods, sport events, farms, marinas, airports — wherever you go.
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