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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. We answered.
Learn more about the Cricket Carts lineup below.
What is a Cricket Cart?
A Cricket Cart is a collapsible electric sports vehicle that can fit in most RVs storage box, SUV, pickup bed, horse trailers, shed or garage corner.
The lineup is perfect for campers, outdoor adventures, rodeos, livestock shows, and RV enthusiasts who want to take a golf cart along for the ride, but don't have the room for a regular sized one.
How fast can they go?
Depending on terrain and occupancy, the ESV, SX3, and RX5 Cricket Cart models can typically maintain a speed of 10 mph -  13 mph.
The RoadRunner (coming soon!) can top up to 24 mph.
The ESV model comes standard with two seats, and can be upgraded to accommodate four.
The SX3 and RX5 models come standard with four seats.
The RoadRunner (coming soon!) can seat the entire family with up to six seats.
How many do they seat?
How far can they go?
Depending on terrain and occupancy, the ESV, SX3, and RX5 Cricket Cart models can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge.
All it takes is a 6-8 hour charge to be up & running again.
What’s the carrying capacity on a Cricket? 
The Cricket ESV, SX3 and RX5 mini golf carts can carry up to 600 pounds of passengers and cargo. The RoadRunner can carry up to 875 pounds. Users can transport people, farm animals, pets, equipment, livestock feed, building materials and other heavy cargo.
Where can a Cricket cart fit?
Cricket Carts are collapsible, making them one of the most versatile vehicles out there. From full-size SUVs and truck beds to RVs and trailers, the Cricket Cart is along for the ride.
Check out our accessory options for lifts, ramps, and hitches.
Can you drive a Cricket cart on the road?
You can drive a RoadRunner golf cart on public roads in municipalities where it is legal. Always check with your local authority for laws and statutes. The Cricket mini golf carts (ESV, SX3 and RX5) generally do not require to be “street legal”, but again, check with your local authority. 
Can I buy accessories for my Cricket cart?
Yes, Cricket cart sells a variety of accessories including detachable roofs, cupholders, mirrors, colored steering wheels, larger tires, trailer hitch, stereo, lights and more.
Where should you store Cricket carts?
Cricket carts are foldable golf carts and all but the RoadRunner fold down to between 28 to 30 inches high for easy storage. Many people keep their compact golf carts in a garden shed or outbuilding, but at 32 inches wide, these golf carts also fit easily alongside your car in the garage. You can even slide them under a porch or deck, trailer or into a crawl space.

If your Cricket cart storage area is exposed to the elements, get a full storage cover to protect it. Your mini golf cart will stay cleaner too!
Where can I get parts if it needs repair?
Cricket Carts Direct sells all the parts you need to make repairs and replacements. To order parts select the part name and SKU number in the Parts page and submit your request through the "Contact Us' link or email us if you have questions. 
Can I use my miniature golf cart in the rain?
Yes, it is safe to drive a Cricket cart in the rain. To protect yourself from getting wet, consider purchasing a plastic rain/wind enclosure from our accessories department.
What colors do Cricket carts come in?
Cricket golf carts come in a variety of colors  including the popular Viper Blue, Black, Candy Apple Red (Burgundy) and Daytona Red (Fire Engine).
Additional colors include yellow, silver, orange, lime, white and green.
We can paint your Cricket any color to match your RV, SUV, Truck, Boat, Plane, School or any favorite color. 

Library and Links

RX5 User Manual & Warranty Information

SX3 User Manual & Warranty Information

ESV User Manual & Warranty Information

Resort Top (RX5) Installation Instructions

Resort Top (SX3) Installation Instructions

Remote Control Installation & Instructions

Battery Wiring _ 36v
RX5 & SX3

Battery Wiring
24v _ ESV


RX5 Resort Top
Quick Release

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