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Cricket Golf Cart Models

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RX5 Black wBlk Seats.jpg


For a smoother ride over rough terrain, choose the Cricket RX5 miniature golf cart with full suspension and front and rear shocks. Driving controls such as blinker, lights and horn are on the steering column of the RX5.

Everyone likes comfort, but especially for those living with injuries or mobility issues, a few bumps in the road can feel like more than a simple inconvenience. Cricket designed its RX5 golf cart model to provide a gentler ride, with the shocks absorbing all the bumps and holes that stand between you and your destination.

The Cricket RX5 golf cart is a favorite for campers, tailgaters, ranchers, farmers, landscapers, and security companies that need to patrol large parking areas such as at airports or college campuses.

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Blue Cricket SX3


The Cricket SX3 model mini golf cart boasts two extra seats and eight extra inches of length, giving this vehicle a more rugged body. A third heavy-duty battery helps deliver more power to this electric golf cart, so you’ll have no problem transporting a load of passengers, wood, tools, supplies or other materials.

The Cricket SX3 qualifies as a compact golf cart, retaining the ability to fold down to 28 inches high to fit in the back of an SUV or van, making it easy to bring to work at concert arenas, sporting events or construction sites.

Cricket Carts Direct.png
Red Cricket ESV


The size of this mini golf cart belies its power and strength — at 50x32x28 inches, the Cricket ESV can travel up to 13 mph and carry up to 600 pounds. This two-seater comes with a rack in the back to hold supplies or equipment, which you can swap out for a second seating bench for two.

The Cricket ESV miniature golf cart folds down for easy storage in a shed, trailer, or garage, and it’s a cinch to load onto the back of your RV or into your truck or trailer to take with you on vacation, camping, hunting or anywhere you want to go off-road.

Prices above include white or black seats.

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