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RoadRunner Electric Sport Vehicle

Make Your Friends Jealous: Get a RoadRunner

The new Cricket RoadRunner is the Cadillac of mini golf carts. It’s bigger, better, faster, and more powerful than other miniature golf carts, and it’s as beautiful as it is rugged. When you want the best of the best, get a Cricket RoadRunner battery-powered golf cart.

RoadRunner Electric Golf Carts for Sale

At 117 inches long, this golf cart is twice as long as the economy model Cricket cart. The RoadRunner miniature golf cart is 51 inches wide and 79 inches tall with a hardtop to protect riders from the rain and relentless sunshine.

With its 48-volt 4KW AC motor, the full-size RoadRunner compact golf cart is infinitely more powerful, reaching speeds of up to 25 mph. True to its name, the RoadRunner is suitable for use on roads where it’s legal to drive an electric golf cart on a public street, and you can go up to 30 miles before you need to recharge it.

If you’re in the market for street-ready off-road golf cart, the RoadRunner is an excellent choice. Its big tires, full suspension and front and rear shocks make for a much smoother ride than an ordinary golf cart. Whether you’re ferrying around customers, clients, employees, friends, or your mother-in-law, they will appreciate the smoother ride.

The RoadRunner battery-powered golf cart seats six and has a load capacity of 875 pounds, so you can use it to carry tools, equipment, supplies or even take it on a Costco run.

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Uses for a RoadRunner Mini Golf Cart
  • Despite their jazzy appearance — RoadRunner golf carts are available in black, white, red, and blue — they’re heavy-duty workhorses. At 1,400 pounds, you can drive it over the river and through the woods with a load of presents and a turkey without a care in the world.

  • Work: Use your impressive RoadRunner battery-powered golf cart to ferry VIPs around an arena, airport or marina, drive employees out to the worksite to save time or for security patrols at your condo or apartment complex.

  • Play: Take your RoadRunner electric golf cart with you wherever you want to have more fun. When you’re camping, use it to haul a load of firewood to your cabin. Make it easy on yourself and take your mini golf cart with you on a hunting trip to transport your guns, ammo, and other gear quickly and easily.

  • Transportation: If you have any limitations that prevent you from walking long distances, you need a RoadRunner mini golf cart. Whether you’re making a run to the store or scouting the perimeter of your property, an electric golf cart makes getting there much easier and faster.

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Have Questions About Our Mini Golf Carts for Sale?

When you’re shopping for mini golf carts for sale, the Cricket RoadRunner should be at the top of your list. To learn more about the RoadRunner mini golf cart, contact Cricket Carts Direct, your Cricket golf cart dealer today.

Great for RVs, campgrounds, horse events, neighborhoods, sport events, farms, marinas, airports — wherever you go.
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